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Most of the materials have associated tutor guides, which provide technical documentation, pedagogical context, and ideas for further learning activities. Each guide covers a series of Learning Objects, from the same supplier and within the same subject. Guides are available in either PDF or Word/RTF formats. Note that the PDF versions tend to be significantly smaller files. RTF (Rich Text Format) files can be opened by any version of Microsoft Word and almost any other word processor. Note that some materials also have associated Learning Objects that also serve as a tutor guide.

Click under the Doc or PDF columns to download the guide. You can also click the batch titles to view all the Learning Objects in that batch.

Title Doc PDF
Adult Care AdultCare.rtf [7.02MB] AdultCare.pdf [.26MB]
Amenity Horticulture AmenityHort.rtf [.50MB] AmenityHort.pdf [.37MB]
Application of Number 1 AoN1.rtf [22.10MB] AoN1.pdf [.55MB]
Application of Number 2 AoN2.rtf [21.79MB] AoN2.pdf [.76MB]
Application of Number 3 AoN3.rtf [21.52MB] AoN3.pdf [.53MB]
Basic Skills - Extra BasicSkillsDesq.rtf [67.08MB] BasicSkillsDesq.pdf [3.32MB]
Basic Skills - Literacy 1 LiteracyCTAD.rtf [9.87MB] LiteracyCTAD.pdf [.78MB]
Basic Skills - Literacy 2 LiteracyPlato.rtf [22.23MB] LiteracyPlato.pdf [.68MB]
Basic Skills - Numeracy NumeracyCTAD.rtf [9.80MB] NumeracyCTAD.pdf [.74MB]
Beauty Beauty.rtf [59.87MB] Beauty.pdf [.94MB]
Biology with Sports Science BiolSports.rtf [9.02MB] BiolSports.pdf [.34MB]
Business Studies 1 Business1.rtf [16.25MB] Business1.pdf [.38MB]
Business Studies 2 Business2.rtf [15.52MB] Business2.pdf [.41MB]
Catering Catering.rtf [9.22MB] Catering.pdf [.51MB]
Childcare Childcare.rtf [6.39MB] Childcare.pdf [.36MB]
Construction 1 ConstructionACT.rtf [10.80MB] ConstructionACT.pdf [.76MB]
Construction 2 ConstructionDesq.rtf [7.52MB] ConstructionDesq.pdf [.94MB]
Construction Crafts 1 ConstructionLDN.rtf [20.99MB] ConstructionLDN.pdf [.96MB]
Construction Crafts 2 ConstructionDB.rtf [21.10MB] ConstructionDB.pdf [.89MB]
Engineering Engineering.rtf [.55MB] Engineering.pdf [.58MB]
English English.rtf [4.74MB] English.pdf [.79MB]
Environment Environment.doc [2.56MB] Environment.pdf [.86MB]
ESOL ESOL.doc [8.12MB] ESOL.pdf [4.07MB]
Family Learning (7-11) FamilyLearningSchool.doc [1.72MB] FamilyLearningSchool.pdf [1.22MB]
Family Learning (pre-school) FamilyLearningPre.doc [4.35MB] FamilyLearningPre.pdf [.96MB]
Floristry Floristry.rtf [7.81MB] Floristry.pdf [.58MB]
General Art and Design 1 ArtDesign1.rtf [65.09MB] ArtDesign1.pdf [.87MB]
General Art and Design 2 ArtDesign2.rtf [69.77MB] ArtDesign2.pdf [.90MB]
General Art and Design 3 ArtDesign3.rtf [13.03MB] ArtDesign3.pdf [.64MB]
Generic Science Science.rtf [18.65MB] Science.pdf [.87MB]
Geography Geography.rtf [1.29MB] Geography.pdf [1.11MB]
Hair and Beauty HairBBC.doc [1.56MB] HairBBC.pdf [.67MB]
Hairdressing HairPlato.rtf [73.50MB] HairPlato.pdf [.98MB]
Health Studies 1 Health1.rtf [16.88MB] Health1.pdf [.57MB]
Health Studies 2 Health2.rtf [14.72MB] Health2.pdf [1.16MB]
Health Studies 3 Health3.rtf [13.89MB] Health3.pdf [1.16MB]
History History.rtf [7.79MB] History.pdf [.96MB]
Hospitality and Catering Hospitality.rtf [8.46MB] Hospitality.pdf [.88MB]
Key Skills - Application of Number AoN.rtf [27.79MB] AoN.pdf [.84MB]
Key Skills - Communication 1 CommsPlato1.rtf [22.09MB] CommsPlato1.pdf [.54MB]
Key Skills - Communication 2 CommsPlato2.rtf [22.09MB] CommsPlato2.pdf [.54MB]
Key Skills - Communication 3 CommsPlato3.rtf [22.09MB] CommsPlato3.pdf [.54MB]
Key Skills - Communication Extra CommsGran3.rtf [32.62MB] CommsGran3.pdf [.78MB]
Key Skills - IT IT.rtf [32.17MB] IT.pdf [.76MB]
Learning to Learn L2L.doc [1.17MB] L2L.pdf [1.13MB]
Making Learning Work for You 1 MLWFY1.doc [1.28MB] MLWFY1.pdf [1.10MB]
Making Learning Work for You 2 MLWFY2.doc [7.88MB] MLWFY2.pdf [2.24MB]
Mathematics for Engineering and Computing MathsEng.rtf [1.45MB] MathsEng.pdf [.35MB]
Mathematics in Science MathsScience.rtf [21.54MB] MathsScience.pdf [.54MB]
Maths - Differentiation MathsDiff.rtf [14.04MB] MathsDiff.pdf [.71MB]
Maths - Geometry MathsGeo.rtf [16.36MB] MathsGeo.pdf [.52MB]
Maths - Integration MathsInt.rtf [17.25MB] MathsInt.pdf [.51MB]
Maths - Trigonometry MathsTri.rtf [16.91MB] MathsTri.pdf [.61MB]
Modern Foreign Languages MFL.doc [3.09MB] MFL.pdf [2.28MB]
Office Admin 1 OfficeAdminACT.rtf [8.88MB] OfficeAdminACT.pdf [1.11MB]
Office Admin 2 OfficeAdminWS.rtf [7.22MB] OfficeAdminWS.pdf [.48MB]
Performing Arts PerfArts3.rtf [52.00MB] PerfArts3.pdf [2.09MB]
Performing Arts (The Green Room) PerfArts12.rtf [6.56MB] PerfArts12.pdf [.48MB]
Physics Physics.rtf [12.99MB] Physics.pdf [1.01MB]
Playwork PlayWork.rtf [5.27MB] PlayWork.pdf [.25MB]
Psychology Psychology.doc [.94MB] Psychology.pdf [.60MB]
Skills zone (Wider Key Skills) SkillsZoneTut.rtf [8.96MB] SkillsZoneTut.pdf [.38MB]
Sociology Sociology.rtf [1.55MB] Sociology.pdf [1.82MB]
Sports and Recreation Sports.rtf [4.71MB] Sports.pdf [.41MB]
The Street (Communications) StreetTut.rtf [17.39MB] StreetTut.pdf [1.89MB]
Travel and tourism Tourism.rtf [19.82MB] Tourism.pdf [1.06MB]
Wider Key Skills 1 WiderKS1.rtf [21.56MB] WiderKS1.pdf [.55MB]
Wider Key Skills 2 WiderKS2.rtf [21.51MB] WiderKS2.pdf [.51MB]