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The interaction of the learner with the materials is one of the most significant factors affecting how well the learner progresses and succeeds. Therefore a clear pedagogical approach has been the foundation of the materials' design.

The materials enable differentiation in subject, level, in learning styles, learning rates and access to learning. They are designed to be sufficiently flexible to allow different modes of use, and they should appeal to those on whom the embedding of this technology into mainstream learning depends - those who teach, support and guide the learners.

The following criteria were specified for the design of the materials:

Using the materials in the classroom

In class, materials may be used:

For individual study, materials may be used:

The materials come with tutor guidance documentation which includes technical data, an over-view of the learning objects and further support information.

Level information

The level indicators represent National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels. There are no national qualifications for Study Skills or Family Learning, so the level indicators given identify the literacy levels required of the learner to obtain maximum benefit from the materials.