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title: Near-complementary, split-complementary and contrast colour harmonies
description: This session for students and tutors of Floristry deals with colour harmonies for floristry. It covers three types: near-complementary, split-complementary and contrast. In this session you will also investigate tints. tones and shades of a hue. The content is appropriate for students studying the NVQ Level 2.
pedagogy description: Material is appropriate for GNVQ level 1(foundation) and 2 (Intermediate), GCSE and Scottish SCQF 4 and 5
level: Level 2
FE topic: South East
supplier: Digital Brain (Round 2)


tutor guide:


This Learning Object has an associated tutor guide, which provides technical documentation, pedagogical context, and ideas for further learning activities. Each guide covers a series of Learning Objects, from the same supplier and within the same subject. The guide is avilable in the following two formats. Note that PDF versions of the tutor guides tend to be significantly smaller than the Word versions.

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